Mother 3

January 1, 2009

This maze was made in honor of the video game Mother 3.  I made a similiar maze earlier based on characters from the game’s previous edition, Earthbound.  This is full of various enemies and characters found throughout the game.  Unlike my first Earthbound maze, this time I did actually make an attempt at polishing the maze up in photoshop.  The main characters and the sunflower field were edited in, everything else was hand drawn.

Anyway, let me know what you think!  Be sure to check out more details of this maze and many many others at my gallery site, .

Mother 3 Video Game maze

Mother 3 Video Game maze


Here it is in all it’s unedited glory- the 100% dedicated Earthbound maze. The maze isn’t particularly challenging, but there are 21 (so far) characters and objects in the background that come straight from the game. I left a small part blank because I still want to add the four playable characters.

I tried to incorporate certain levels into the maze itself- obviously Onett is present from the beginning. The grid pattern in the bottom right is representative of Fourside. The flames are there to show Fire Spring, but they also serve as as a metaphor for the increased hardship Ness and his friends must face as they near the end. Finally you’ll have to travel through Giygas before you can find your way out. FYI, there is no pencil eraser or eraser eraser- you’ll have to find another route!  Be sure to see more details at


Spiteful Crow

September 13, 2007

This maze builds upon the framework established with the first two mazes, with similar colors and patterns. At its heart sits the Spiteful Crow, yet another Earthbound reference. There are a few landscapes surrounding the edges of the maze, creating a different feel to the picture, as the background is no longer bound by the pathways. This is also the first maze to be created deliberately with different zones- each of which must be ‘conquered’, in a sense, before being able to continue on.  See close-up images of this maze at

Spiteful Crow 2


September 12, 2007

This first maze was created in May, 2007. I had no clear goal while I was creating it, and the result was a very complex maze that’s actually surprisingly simple to beat- relatively. It contains several references to the SNES game Earthbound, as well as the N64 game MarioKart. Tessie Turnpike is named for a character in Earthbound. Also, in the bottom right-hand corner, you can see Ness, the main character of the game, and Mr. Saturn. Just above them is Rainbow Road, a raceway in MarioKart. Aside from these references, the maze is cluttered with dozens of tiny details that make every path unique and fun.

If you’re attempting to beat this maze, it’s important to note that the paths are three dimensional, in a sense. They can cross over and under other paths, so don’t get discouraged if your path seems to dead end- it may just continue on the other side!