January 17, 2009

Finally, a year after the original draft was done, all the edits are done and its ready to print!  This maze took forever to edit.  It’s by far the hardest, most complex maze I’ve drawn to-date (and probably safe to say, will ever draw).  There are many more detailed pictures at www.mazedojo.com. Hope you enjoy it!



In Between The Years

January 17, 2009

I’ve been working on this particular maze for about 3 weeks.  It’s 100% Tablet-drawn, no pen or paper here.  This was my first attempt at using my new tablet to create a maze – I’m pretty happy with the end result.

It’s a remarkably simple maze, occupying a very small portion of canvas real-estate… It was as much an experiment with how to use my Tablet as it was anything else.  The start is from the large oval and the end is the lonely little path that trails off towards the bottom.

I named it In Between The Years after a favorite Ulrich Schnauss song – it’s swirling ambient electronic sounds seemed to compliment the picture.  Check it out on iTunes!  It’s from his latest CD, Goodbye.

As always, please leave comments and of course, check out the rest of my mazes at my gallery site, www.mazedojo.com.  I’ll have a much larger image with many more details of this maze uploaded to my website in the next couple of days.


Black Hole Sun

January 10, 2009

This maze is named after the Soundgarden song “Black Hole Sun”, and is fairly appropriately titled considering there’s a massive black hole with swirling colors coming towards it in the picture.  This maze took me about two weeks to complete – editing took less than a day, however.  The paths you’ll notice are somewhat grainy – this is the natural effect of the pen bleeding on the the paper and not only does it help keep an authentic look, but its also unnoticeable when scaled back to the normal zoom.

If you were attempting to actually do this maze, I’d say your chances are about 5%.  The overwhelming majority of starting paths never have a chance to make it to the end, so you’ll find yourself starting over and over.  The start is in the upper right (choose any path coming from the edge of the picture).  The end is the one little path at the bottom of the black hole.

Any questions, comments, or if you’re interested in getting a print, please just write me an email at www.mazedojo.com!

Black Hole Sun

Here are two alternate versions of my Planet Caravan maze.  These were simple ‘experiments’ mainly just done to learn about different tricks and tools in photoshop.

This first one is just a smeared background of the original with several effects layered on top of it:

Planet Caravan II

The second is the same maze but with a different background.  I was trying to learn about the line tool in photoshop and thats the background I came up with:


And here is that background just by itself:

Heartland Background

As always, please see more of these, download larger versions, purchase prints, inquire about anything at www.mazedojo.com!  And leave comments!

Planet Caravan

January 2, 2009

This is a simple maze I drew in about a day.  The maze itself is hand-drawn, while the coloring is computerized.  The original background of Planet Caravan is a large photo of the Milky Way – I stained the image purple and added several effects to ease the contrast between the maze and the photo.  For being drawn in one day, I think it turned out OK.

The start is on the left hand side (the red circles) and the end is in the lower right corner.  The maze itself is not particularly challenging, so give it a try!   You can download the full size version of this and several more at my gallery site, http://www.mazedojo.com.  And be sure to comment!



Mother 3

January 1, 2009

This maze was made in honor of the video game Mother 3.  I made a similiar maze earlier based on characters from the game’s previous edition, Earthbound.  This is full of various enemies and characters found throughout the game.  Unlike my first Earthbound maze, this time I did actually make an attempt at polishing the maze up in photoshop.  The main characters and the sunflower field were edited in, everything else was hand drawn.

Anyway, let me know what you think!  Be sure to check out more details of this maze and many many others at my gallery site, http://www.mazedojo.com .

Mother 3 Video Game maze

Mother 3 Video Game maze

The Original 2

February 8, 2008

You might not remember it from before.  I made this in 8th grade… my first full page maze.  It was originally drawn with blue ink and was drawn on notebook paper.  It was looking pretty shabby.  Then Chris, my roommate, volunteered to clean it up – he added a lot of really cool details, deleted all the lines from the paper, and made everything a solid black.  Pretty sharp looking!  Anyway, it isn’t 100% done since no path actually leads to the end.  I’m working on that.  But this is more or less the final product.   See more here or at mazedojo.com!